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If you have any cels from any of these series that you would be willing to sell or trade, send me some feedback! I wouldn't give up a kidney for any cel (I only have 2 after all), but if something is "Very High" on my list then I am VERY interested in seeing what you have from that particular series. If I feel the price is fair, and can afford that price, I will most likely buy or trade for it. Anything "High" or lower I will still be interested in seeing, but may not like the image or whatever enough to purchase it.

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Chance Pop Session
I have never seen any genga, douga, rough sketches, layout, etc. for Chance Pop Session, also known as Chance Triangle Session. Before I knew that the newer stuff was cg and didn't use cels anymore, I asked a dealer at a con if he had any cels for this series. Of course he educated me on the whole cg vs. cel thing, but replied that he didn't have any artwork from it and had never seen any on the market. Have any of you? Very High
Oh man...Voltron! I LOVED this show when I was a kid! I had many of the toys and various VHS tapes. My mom probably rented them and recorded them on blank tapes for me. LOL! I'm half-Mexican, and when I was little I asked my abuelita (I called her Walitha, actually) what my name (Bradley, but I go by Brad now) was in Spanish. She thought about it, and made up a name for me: Boltran. I loved it! It was so close to Voltron! I wonder if loving those 5 pilots who drove those 5 colored lions that combined to make Voltron is the reason I love Super Sentai so much today. Hmmm...it's a mystery. Very High
In The Beginning
So one time a number of years ago I was shopping in a Family Christian store, and I noticed a strange VHS tape in the discount section. It was called, In The Beginning: Adam and Eve, and had a subtitle at the bottom of the box: Stories From the Old Testament. But Eve, eyes wide open and innocent looking with an apple up to her mouth, looked to be animated by a Japanese animation company. I bought the tape, took it home and watched it, and sure enough, it was anime. Some internet research taught me that it was created by Osamu Tezuka, by request from the Vatican, and had been released in the USA by a company called CCC. The series is very nice, obviously animation-wise, but also story-wise. I mean, just in the opening credits you get to hear powerful choir-like singing as the world is being created, then the theme switches to inspiration, and you get to see cool scenes like David winding up a sling he's about to use against Goliath! Maybe I'm making it sound corny but really, what better way to get your kids to watch Bible stories than with the awesomeness that is anime! Anyway, if I could get some cels from this, I'd be elated and thankful. Oh, and in case you're wondering, the representation pic I put up is from the final episode of the series, when Jesus is born. That's Mary, baby Jesus, and a shepherd boy. Very High
Mysterious Cities of Gold
Well, I was finally able to get a cel from this show to add to my collection, and I am very proud of it. Originally, I said that I wanted to have at least 1 cel from this production in my collection, and that's still true. If I never get another, I will be happy that I have the 1. But, I have to admit that I now would like to add more to my collection. It's just such a great show, and it brings back happy childhood memories. Plus, my cel just looks so nice in person. Besides, I still need to get cels of Tao and Esteban. ;) Very High
This, like Mysterious Cities of Gold, is another anime that I used to watch on Nickelodeon as a kid. And like MCoG, at the time, I didn't know what anime was. At first I didn't like this show, but after watching it for awhile, it grew on me. And I remember thinking that the ending was pretty darn cool compared to other cartoons that I watched at the time. I would love to get a cel of Sandy and Blinky. If I also got a cel of Pinky, then I would be satiated, as far as this wishlist gallery is concerned anyway. Very High
Now and Then, Here and There
Of course I'm always looking for cels from what is probably my favorite anime of all. It's hard to pick a number 1 favorite for me, because I like many different anime for many different reasons. Still, if someone asked me today what my favorite anime of all time is and I had to choose, this is the one that I would answer with. High
Sailor Moon
Well, this one will be very difficult to get I'm sure. I would like to have at least 1 decent Sailor Saturn, as in Hotaru transformed, cel in my collection. But LOTS of people have been hunting for these limited cels long before I arrived on the scene. Well, one can hope, right? Very High
Super Sentai Series
OK, so has anyone wondered what that picture I have up on my main page is from? It's an anime titled Nijiyome Academy Z-Cune Aoi. But it's not an actual anime. It's an anime within a show, called Hikounin Sentai Akibaranger, which is a series made for adult fans of Super Sentai and anime in general. It's pretty freaking awesome actually, though a lot of the jokes and stuff reference Sentai. There are plenty of anime things in there, too though. Anyway, what I'm looking for is original cels or genga/douga/whatever from the Super Sentai shows. Production artwork for Z-Cune Aoi, cels or artwork from Abaranger which had some quirky animated parts and even an anime crossover, eyecatches from GoRanger, or even sketches by the designers of the Robos; basically anything officially related to Sentai that's original production art is what I'm looking for. Very High
The Flight of Dragons
Rankin-Bass sure came out with some awesome animated movies in the 80s, didn't they? My favorite from the handful though has to be Flight of Dragons. The story and acting are just so superb, and of course the animation is beautiful. I would love to own any piece from this production, but I would especially love to get a cel of Bryagh, because he's just so freakin' cool! Very High
Wild Arms
My favorite RPG series is Wild Arms. Back in the day, before I had a PS1, I swore I would only own Nintendo systems. Then I saw a demo of Final Fantasy VII at EB Games, and I pre-ordered a copy that very day and bought a PS1. In anticipation of that game, I purchased Wild Arms so I would have a game to play until it came out. I loved it. I don't know what it is exactly, but the western motif, the music, the character designs; I just really like the WA universe. So it would be great if I could get ahold of a cel or 2 from the 1st game, specifically. Sure, I wouldn't mind getting artwork from a sequel, or even from the anime, but I would especially treasure a cel from the 1st entry of this great series. Very High

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