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I would have never paid any attention to this show had I simply seen the DVD on a store shelf or saw an ad on a website or something. Back when Newtype USA was in publication, it came with anime sampler DVDs in every issue, and one of those DVDs had the 1st episode of this show on it. I was bored one day, so I watched it, and, surprisingly, I really liked it. So I bought the DVDs as they came out. I liked the music in the show, so I found a store that sold imports online (not as easy then as it is now) and ordered the official soundtrack. I even showed it in a Bible study group I was a part of. It was an anime Bible study. Basically, we studied a chapter of the Bible and then watched anime together. It was a big hit with my friend David's girlfriend (now wife), who wasn't into anime.

 Episode 13 Script

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