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My friend David and I discovered Ranma some time after we'd been watching Sailor Moon. We both loved it, and started renting or buying every VHS that Viz released. We were teenagers, so we didn't have tons of money. We would rent what we could and record it (for shame I know), but would buy maybe 1 a month and take turns regarding who would actually pay for it (and of course the one who didn't pay got a copy; for shame I know). We also settled for whatever we could find, whether dubbed or subtitled. I was so mad when male Ranma's English VA changed! After watching up to Season 5 or so, we sort of just stopped watching it. Now, years later, I just introduced it to my buddy David (it's a coincidence, but this is a different David than the aforementioned one) last week and we are on our way to watching the entire series. A few years ago I bought it all (yes, bought, so that makes up for my prior recordings) on officially released DVDs, and I'm just now getting around to watching it. I can't wait to see what happens beyond Season 5!

 Ranma (Girl Type)

 Ranma (Boy Type)

 Stunned Akane

 Annoyed Akane


 The Black Rose
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