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What the heck is this? This is Sailor Moon, believe it or not. Apparently, a company called Toon Makers had tried to acquire the rights from Toei to make Sailor Moon at the same time as DIC did. DIC won, as we all know, but the interesting thing is that instead of dubbing the Japanese version of Moon, Toon Makers decided to make its own cartoon. The result was a fusion of live action with animation, and many details were changed to make it culturally diverse and more sailor-themed. Mercury was in a wheelchair, and the other Scouts were various ethnicities. Also, they actually sailed on small ships that looked like sailboats. Look it up on Youtube. It's really...something.

 Sailor Scouts

 Sailor Ship

 Sailing Sailor Mars

 Moon's Transformation

 Sailor Moon Closeup

 Sailor Moon Better Closeup
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